I am finding that there are number of areas of law that give rise to a high percentage of law blogs of particularly low quality – and bankruptcy law is one of those areas.  It’s so hard to find a bankruptcy law blog with any quality content on it.  Today’s blog, from the Law Office of Shawn Wright, tries to give some practical advice to consumers who might be facing bankruptcy – the posts are helpful, and the tone is not really salesy.


The Securities Edge is a securities blog for middle-market companies – it focuses on topics of interest to executives of middle-market businesses.  Recent posts have discussed topics that include “say-on-pay” litigation, the new private market for unlisted stocks, separating the positions of CEO and Chairman, and more.  It’s published by Gunster, a firm with offices all over Florida.


I have to admit, when I saw the title of today’s blog – Screw You Guys, I’m Going Home – I didn’t immediately know what the topic would be. But the tag line says “What you need to know before you scream ‘I Quit,’ get fired, or decide to sue the bastards,”  so today’s blog features some great posts on employment law.  It’s published by Donna Ballman, an employee-side employment lawyer and author.  Some of her recent posts have covered topics like Lies Your Employer Tells You, You Have the Right to Say No, and whether journalists are exempt from overtime. Good stuff.


Today we venture to the Beehive State and visit the Utah Appellate Blog, which reports on cases before the Utah Supreme Court, Utah Court of Appeals, and the Tenth Circuit.  As with most appellate blogs, you’ll mostly find posts here on different cases decided by these courts, so it’s good if you’re looking for some explanation and analysis of recent appellate decisions in Utah.  It’s published by a number of lawyers from Zimmerman Jones Booher, LLC, a Salt Lake City firm.


When I talk to lawyers about using the iPad in their practice, I invariably get around to telling them that for some reason, app developers have really concentrated on making apps for litigators more than for any other type of legal practice.  And that’s a great thing; having worked for more than 6 years as a trial technologist at my old firm, I saw that it was next to impossible for lawyers to use technology at trial without assistance from a paralegal or technologist, hired or otherwise.  Lawyers who didn’t have the resources were stuck with hauling boxes of paper to the courtroom, and watching as better-equipped lawyers across the aisle presented their cases effectively and efficiently using technology.

For those lawyers who want to use technology in the courtroom at hearings or in trial, the iPad has really helped to level the playing field.  You can now go into court with nearly your entire case on a slim tablet – depositions, exhibits, legal research, and you can also use the device to take notes and keep track of trial testimony.

I’m thrilled to announce that my latest book, iPad in One Hour for Litigatorsis now available for purchase in the ABA Bookstore, and soon in the iBookstore.  Like my other “One Hour” books, you can probably read the entire book in an hour; to do everything I mention in the book will take you a lot more than one hour, because I mention a lot of things that lawyers can do to more effectively use the iPad in litigation matters.  I approached the book much as I would approach a new case, and explored the different types of apps you can use for each phase:

  • A New Case – Managing Details and Deadlines
  • Discovery – Documents and Depositions
  • Preparing for Trial with the Right Accessories
  • Legal Research on your iPad
  • Picking a Jury, iPad Style
  • Evidence Presentation
  • Tips for Using the iPad in Court – advice from lawyers who are using the iPad in the courtroom every day

I tried to mention all of the apps currently on the market that are worth a look – but as is the nature of technology, new apps continue to appear that can help a lawyer at trial.  I’ll try to mention new apps I like here on the blog, and keep you up to date on improvements made to apps described in the book.

I hope you enjoy the book!


The ADR Toolbox is a curated collection of news, resources and information for professionals in the alternative dispute resolution industry.  It’s brought to you by Donald R. Philbin, a San Antonio, Texas lawyer.  Some of the recent posts discussed topics like large law.  As a curated blog, Philbin doesn’t create any of the content himself – he’s gathering content from around the web so you can read it all in one place.  There are recent stories in the areas of mediation, negotiation, arbitration, and other ADR topics, but he also covers business, psychology, economics, and neuroscience topics as well.


An intellectual property law blog for you today – it’s called Retail Patent Litigation, and it’s designed to help retailers understand patent litigation and how to effectively and creatively drive their individual cases to positive resolution.  The blog is published by R. David Donoghue, a partner with Holland & Knight’s Chicago office.  He has recently been discussing topics including the SHIELD Act, recent retail patent litigation cases, and others.


We’ll finish the week with TMT Perspectives, a blog offering insight and comment on business, legal and policy developments affecting the telecom, media and technology sectors.  Recent posts have discussed theft of trade secrets, auctioning broadcast television spectrum, the end of the browser wars, and more.


Today’s blog, Line of Sight – Pipeline Law in Focus, offers a view of the current legal and regulatory landscape changes that are affecting pipeline owners and operators in North America.  Published by Charlene Wright of the Kansas City, Missouri firm of Lathrop & Gage, the blog is recently covering news items from around the country that touch on these issues, including PHMSA enforcement actions and how cybersecurity affects pipeline safety, among other topics.


Perhaps my favorite part of today’s blog is its tag line – California Punitive Damages – An Exemplary Blog.  Lawyer humor.  But seriously, this blog does a great job providing news and commentary on punitive damages litigation not only in California, but nationwide.  It’s brought to you by the lawyers at Horvitz & Levy, the nation’s largest law firm devoted exclusively to appellate litigation.


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