Jamison Koehler is a criminal defense lawyer representing clients in Northern Virginia and the District of Columbia.  At Koehler Law he’s discussing a number of topics, related to criminal law and other topics.  Lately he has been talking about clients in military uniform, the corpus delicti rule, cross-examining the analyst in a drug prosecution, and whether the Washington Redskins should change their name.


I’m back!  I took a couple of weekends off to write seminar papers and get my latest book off to the printers, but now I’m back to blogging on a more regular basis.  We’ll start the week off with a very local blog – the Berks County Law Update.  For those of you who don’t know, Berks County is located in Pennsylvania, with Reading being the main city in the county.  The blog covers recent legal developments and civic issues in the community, and features posts on most of the major legal areas – bankruptcy, criminal law, elections, family law, insurance, land use planning, litigation, municipal law, tax matters, and more.  It’s brought to you by the folks at uber-blogging firm Fox Rothschild.


We’ll end the week with the Erlich Law Blog, the blog of the Erlich Law Office of Arlington, Virginia.  The blog focuses primarily on employment-related topics, with posts on recent labor and employment law developments.


The lawyers at the Wilmington firm of Morris James are keeping you up to date on the latest bankruptcy case law at the Delaware Business Bankruptcy Report  You’ll find brief summaries of recent opinions from Delaware Bankruptcy Court, along with a link to the opinion.  They haven’t posted in about a month, so here’s hoping they start back up again soon.


I did not know that the Cockle Law Brief Printing Company was the largest producer of U.S. Supreme Court briefs.  I did know, however, that a cocklebur is a pesky plant that sticks on your socks, having been the recipient of many of them.  The CockleBur blog is designed along those lines – to offer articles covering the law and life,  providing tidbits that would be difficult to shake.  In addition to posting links to recent merits briefs they have filed, they also upcoming cases as well as current cases before the Supreme Court.


Right-Tasking is the blog of Jim Boeckman’s consulting business of the same name; Jim works with Chief Legal Officers, General Counsel, and others in companies responsible for managing and procuring legal services, to assess whether their enterprises are maximizing the value of their legal services.  On the blog he’s providing legal expense management news and other resources.


We start the week with a blog on immigration law – The ABCs of Immigration Law aims to focus “on the interests and challenges faced by those individuals and business [sic] impacted by immigration laws.”  In reality, most recent posts of the blog feature news and updates on immigration issues, including the U.S./Mexico Business Facilitation Program, White House Immigration Newsletter, recent visa numbers, a new unlawful presence waiver, and more.  The blog is published by big firm Cozen O’Connor.


We’ll end the week in New York – well, actually with Madison Avenue Insights, an advertising law blog from NYC lawyer Ron Urbach. Ron aims to “peel back the curtains on the advertising world…to share his unique perspective..as he sees it.”  Lately he’s been taking a look back at 2012 and the advertising industry trends, and talking to experts in the industry about the year to come.


The Middle Market Money Blog “provides insight and guidance into legislation, regulation and trends to assist entrepreneurs and emerging growth companies address corporate finance and regulatory hurdles.”  One interesting thing about this blog is that the masthead doesn’t say who publishes the blog – in this case, it’s the Corporate Finance attorneys at McKenna Long & Aldridge, an international law firm.  You’ll fine recent posts on accounting standards updates, tips for the 2013 proxy and reporting season, and cybersecurity disclosure issues, among others.


Today we head to Maine, where the Maine Appeals Blog seeks to discuss issues relating to appeals and appellate in – you guessed it, Maine.  It’s published by Catherine Connors, a partner with Pierce Atwood in Portland (although they have offices all over the northeast).  Like most appellate blogs, Cathy focuses on recent appellate decisions from the Maine Supreme Judicial Court and the First Circuit Court of Appeals, but she also provides updates on judicial issues, conferences, and other matters relating to appellate courts.


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