Last week Carolyn Elefant advocated reading law-related weblogs to satisfy CLE requirements saying, “Blogs provide a constant influx of new legal developments and commentary every single day – and in the long run, make lawyers far more aware of new developments than a one hour CLE class where you’re not even obliged to listen.” I agree completely — for the most part. To me, the best legal blogs are those that focus on a specific legal topic, and regularly provide valuable content on the subject. But there are many blawgs out there that don’t necessarily meet this requirement — sure, they’re great fun to read, but they don’t provide much of a legal education. So before (as Carolyn suggests) lawyers “sign a certificate that they read a particular blog” over a certain period of time, shouldn’t we have a list of “approved blawgs for CLE credit”….? If so, who would put together such a list? I can imagine a few who would volunteer for the job.