Both Ernie the Attorney and The Virtual Chase have had fun talking with Jurist’s new online “bot” Alex, I thought I would give it a try. Here’s my chat with her:

Alex: Hello! I’m ALEX. What’s your name?
Tom: Tom.
Alex: Have we talked before, Tom?
Tom: Yes.
Alex: I thought I remembered you! what is new?
Tom: Not much.
Alex: My mistake. How can I help you?
Tom: I’m looking for information on toxic mold litigation.
Alex: What information did you say you were looking for?
Tom: Toxic mold litigation information.
Alex: Litigation is a legal case, controversy or lawsuit, generally undertaken to enforce a right. The parties to such disputes are called litigants.

Tom: No, toxic mold.
Alex: I am sorry you feel that way.
Tom: Toxic Mold.
Alex: I am afraid I have no information on that country. Are you from Moldova?
Tom: Ha!
Alex: Why didn’t you answer my question?

And on it went…..