Hi!  I’m Tom Mighell, and I’m currently Vice President of Delivery at Contoural, Inc., where I help companies address their information governance, records management, and litigation readiness issues.  I’ve been a technology nut for going on thirty years now, and I love working with lawyers to help them use technology in ways that provide great service to their clients.

I authored the Mighell Marker Newsletter (formerly the Internet Legal Research Weekly) for 10 years, from 2000-2010.  When the iPad came out in 2010, I wrote a few (now out of date) books on how lawyers can use iPads in their practices – they included iPad for Lawyers in One Hour, iPad for Litigators in One Hour and iPad Apps for Lawyers in One Hour – original, I know.

My other book, The Lawyer’s Guide to Collaboration Tools and Technologies:  Smart Ways to Work Together, was co-authored with my legal technology colleague and good friend Dennis Kennedy.  Dennis and I also co-host The Kennedy-Mighell Report, a legal technology podcast from the Legal Talk Network.

I’ve been involved with the ABA’s Law Practice Division for more than fifteen years now; it’s a fantastic organization that provides some amazing resources to lawyers on the “business” side of practicing law, something on which lawyers don’t get nearly enough education – Finance, Management, Marketing and Technology.  I served on the ABA TECHSHOW Planning Board for four years, and was honored to serve as its Chair for ABA TECHSHOW 2008, as well as Co-Chair with Debbie Foster for ABA TECHSHOW 2018.  I was also privileged to serve as the Law Practice Division’s Chair in 2011-2012.

When I first introduced this blog back in August 2002, I called it “Inter Alia,” Latin for “among other things.”  While I’ve personalized the blog’s title a bit more, I still intend for this blog to cover my favorite technology topics, among other things.  If you have a question about technology, or you’d just like to discuss the topic, please feel to comment on a post or drop me a line!