I have Microsoft Outlook installed on my home computer, but I only use the Gmail interface – I have made the choice not to use Outlook at home (I use it quite a bit for work).  Unfortunately, though, my computer still thinks Outlook is my default email provider, and so when I click on an

I wanted to continue the Google love this week by posting on another fantastic feature that has finally been enabled in Gmail. It’s Auto-Advance, something that you might already be using if you use Outlook to manage your email. I really like the ability to move directly to the newest email once I delete

If you’re a Gmail user, you might want to to give this Gmail Security Checklist a onceover. It takes you through an assessment of security basics – on your computer, your browser, your Google account, and then your Gmail settings. And although this is designed for Gmail, many parts of this checklist apply just as

There’s no question that Facebook would love it if it was the one destination all of us used all day, every day. Toward that end, they recently unveiled Facebook Messages, which features texts, chat and email together in one single line of conversation. It’s definitely an interesting concept, and maybe one that will catch

I am really liking some of the new features offered by Gmail recently, and dragging and dropping is one of my favorites. First, Gmail unveiled the ability for users to attach documents and other files to a Gmail message simply by dragging and dropping the file from a folder to the message. Yes, that’s as

If you’re tired of trying to figure out which e-mails are legitimate and which are fishing scams, you might want to give the newest version of Eudora, which includes the new Scamwatch tool. It analyzes the links contained in e-mails that you receive, and warns you when the links don’t match their hostnames. A