I am a big fan of sites that tell you the relative strength of your password – rather than just let you pick out any old password, they show you the strength of your chosen password, in an attempt to guilt you into picking something stronger. But most sites just show “Weak,” “Good,” and “Strong,”

These days, hackers are finding it easier and easier to prey upon web surfers who access websites through traditional, insecure means. You know what I mean here, right? A website has no special security when it has the typical “http://” in front of the address. If you’re visiting a site that has confidential or private

If you’re a Gmail user, you might want to to give this Gmail Security Checklist a onceover. It takes you through an assessment of security basics – on your computer, your browser, your Google account, and then your Gmail settings. And although this is designed for Gmail, many parts of this checklist apply just as