I have no idea who MrSapo is, but he/she/they have an interesting search interface. As Tara Calishain puts it, it’s not exactly a meta-search engine — more like a “meta-interface” site. But it’s pretty cool — you can run your search on multiple engines all in the same window. You can even run different

After what seems like years of tweaking and refining, Microsoft finally released a beta version of its search tool, which now relies on its own Web crawlers to provide the over 5 billion pages it indexes. The interface is much cleaner (a la Google), and there are some interesting new features:

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It’s almost as if this were a major presidential election story, with all the press it got yesterday: Google has launched a desktop search tool. Once you set up the software download, it indexes your computer for certain types of files, including e-mail, .TXT, HTML, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents, AOL instant messages, and