It was a pretty quiet week in the world of consumer technology, although everyone is still finding ways to get bent out of shape about using Zoom (see below for more). Here are my top tech stories of the week:

What's the difference between Office 365 and Microsoft 365 ...Welcome to Microsoft 365! In the biggest non-story story of the week, Microsoft officially changed

Anybody who has heard me talk about the iPad knows that I have been frustrated with the lack of good apps to work on MS Office documents.  Although Microsoft has yet to debut an iPad-friendly version of Word or Excel, a couple of apps have come out in the past few months that show promise

I will freely admit that I am a PowerPoint devotee – when it comes to presentations, I just don’t feel comfortable moving away from its familiar features. But that doesn’t mean I love the program – and I’ll wager that many of you aren’t fans, either. So in the interest of equal time, take a

Do you need to create a diagram or flowchart but don’t have Microsoft Visio? Visio is a strong diagramming tool, but if you don’t have MS Office, or didn’t pony up for the version with Visio, you won’t have access to it. Instead, check out MeeSoft’s Diagram Designer. It’s a dead simple way to