A new service by TRAC Reports Inc. provides some terrific information on the inner workings of the federal government. For $50 a month, you do research on, among other things, your local federal judge and his or her track record on criminal and civil cases. But that’s just scratching the surface.
You can search categories such as Criminal, Civil, Admin, People, Money, and Context. In the Criminal section, you can see the overall work of the Justice Department, or zero in on particular agencies and departments. The Civil area provides information on the U.S. government as plaintiff or defendant in civil cases, cases involving U.S. agencies, and a breakdown of lawsuits by area of law. For now, the Admin area focuses entirely on the IRS and its audit activities, both nationally and on a district basis. People may be the most interesting (and it’s the place to get judicial information) — find out about the Judges, Prosecutors, and Adminstrative Staff, what they do, and what they get paid. The Money section provides a quick way to view federal fund expenditures on the federal, state and county levels.

Although some parts of this site are still under development, the resources are amazing. And not a bad price, either.