discusses finding court dockets online — while it’s a nice overview of the fact that more and more courts are placing their information online, it barely scrapes the surface of the topic. The article mentions CourtEXPRESS, which does have an impressive listing of courts that are searchable online. However, all of the federal courts listed are already searchable through their respective PACER sites; the state court sites listed don’t provide documents online — you have to order them through the CourtExpress service.

What’s more, CourtExpress wants to charge you for your federal court searches, starting at $8 a search. PACER also charges, but at only 7 cents a page, why would you want to start at eight dollars? Before you spend the cash, take a moment to search that specific court’s database — then if you need additional information, take advantage of CourtExpress’s offerings.

When you’re looking for court information online, there are several other services not listed in the article that are worth mentioning, including Lexis’ CourtLink, WestDockets, and Legal Dockets Online. If you’re want access to the individual court sites, you won’t find a better directory than the court rules, forms, and dockets over at LLRX.