Those of you who visit the blogosphere regularly know that Google is a good friend to the weblog; through the PageRank system, weblog pages often rise to the top of search results. Unfortunately, this can sometimes lead to a lot of irrelevant results at the top of a search.

Now it appears Google will offer a separate service for searching weblogs. Does this mean that classic Google will exclude weblog results entirely? Maybe. I would imagine that’s good news for everyone — weblog publishers get a “Google” search engine of their own, and the rest of the Internet search community gets a weblog-free Google back.

I don’t know how I feel about this — I get a lot of traffic to my site from people asking the question, “What is the definition of Inter Alia?” Although it’s not the focus of this weblog, I have received several messages from appreciative searchers who were easily able to find the answer to their question through my site. Looks like I might not be getting that traffic anymore.