No, I’m not talking about Yahoo! People Search — today’s SearchDay features the advanced public records search offered by Yahoo! (which is on the same page as the simple search). Actually, the search is powered by, a public records search company.

The services provided by USSearch sound pretty good, but also pretty pricey. For example, USSearch’s Basic People Search ($9.95) gets you a name and relevant phone number(s), while for $39.95 you also get a listing of the person’s past addresses, possible aliases, and whether the person is deceased. More information is available for $59.95 and $99.95.

I use Accurint for much of my background searching, and a fairly comprehensive search (for which USSearch charges $39.95) costs me around $6.00. I can even get some of the information only available in USSearch’s high-dollar reports, for that same $6.00 price. At that price, why would I want to pay six to ten times that amount for the same stuff?

Does anyone use USSEarch? Let me know what you think.