The New York Times profiled the Google Toolbar yesterday, specifically discussing the utility’s pop-up blocker and its apparent super-strength. The article is right — the pop-up blocker is very strong, blocking nearly 100% of the popups I have encountered. In fact, the tracker tells me I have blocked 4,028 pop-ups since I installed the toolbar in July.

Genie decided she didn’t like the pop-up utility, so she disabled it after a day of using it. I think the utility is far too useful for that response — I agree, the toolbar blocks legitimate pop-ups at some of the sites I visit, but I have learned to anticipate those sites, and simply turn off the blocker for a brief period of time.

Genie is half right when she says the toolbar doesn’t allow you to create exceptions. It does — just hover your mouse over the “### blocked” counter, and you’ll see the message “Click this button to always allow pop-ups from ….”, and “To Let an Individual Pop-up through, press the CTRL key while clicking on a link.” However, these two features don’t work very well. Creating an exception doesn’t work at all for me — Google needs to work on this feature. But if I press the CTRL key down and keep it pressed down even after I click on a link, the pop-up comes through just fine. That small amount of work is worth it to keep the other 4,028 pop-ups away.