Where do they come up with these names? Clusty is a new metasearch tool from the folks at Vivisimo, and it looks a lot like its parental unit. In fact, it works a lot like Vivismo, but has additional tabs that allow you to quickly change your search to news, images, shopping, encyclopedia, or even gossip. For more on Clusty, check out Pandia and New Company Starts Up a Challenge to Google (registration required at NYT site).

P.S. I just have to say two things about the NYT article. First, what is this “new” company? Vivisimo has been around for 4 years; the author says that ” Vivisimo already offers a search service for corporate customers,” as if there were no consumer edition available — well, that’s just plain wrong.

Second — why does the title of every article about a new search engine have to speculate whether the new site is a “Google killer?”