There has been a lot of fuss lately over whether, for security reasons, we should all dump our copies of Internet Explorer in favor of Mozilla’s FireFox product. In fact, the Executive Editor over at CNet has officially dumped Internet Explorer. But I tend to agree with the story (also from CNet) Planning to Dump IE? Think Again, which makes the point that, like it or not, many websites simply won’t function in FireFox (in fact, there’s apparently an issue with AI RoboForm that causes the latest version of FireFox to crash — I’m having this problem myself). Further, Windows Update won’t work at all in FireFox.

Fortunately, FireFox anticipated that we would still need to use Internet Explorer, because one of its great extensions is IE View, which installs an “Open Link Target in IE” option when you right-click. So IE is still just a click away.