Anyone who reads this blog knows by now (and perhaps is tiredof knowing) that I’m a huge fan of Dropbox – I keep all of my files there now, so I can access my work files on my home computer, and my home files on my work computer when I’m on the road. I’ve also started to use apps that work with Dropbox – some of them are iPad note-taking apps that automatically deposit all of my notes in a Dropbox folder – a really great use of the project. Now I’m intrigued by services that make it dead simple for other people to upload files to my Dropbox folder without using email – or at least, without having to keep the files in email. The first service is AirDropper, which allows you to send a “file request” to people, who can then email files directly to your Dropbox folder. I’m not a big fan of the way this site works, because it requires you to initiate the request for the file – just fill out the form with your email address, the email addresses of people from whom you are requesting files, and then the files you’re requesting. One good feature of this tool is that it supports mailing of more than one file, which is good.

I’m more likely to use DropItToMe, which sets up a basic website that allows a person with the password to upload a file to your Dropbox. You set up your DropItToMe page, and that’s it – to upload a file to you a person has to have your password. Of course you shouldn’t be handing out your password to just anybody; but as long as you’re careful with security, this is a tremendously useful service. The downside is that a person can only upload one file at a time, up to a 75MB size limit. If you’re using Dropbox, check these out!