I will freely admit that I am a PowerPoint devotee – when it comes to presentations, I just don’t feel comfortable moving away from its familiar features. But that doesn’t mean I love the program – and I’ll wager that many of you aren’t fans, either. So in the interest of equal time, take a look at these 5 Web-Based Alternatives to PowerPoint.

You’ll find some intriguing alternatives here – I’m especially interested in trying out Prezi, which is less like PowerPoint and more like using a whiteboard, and 280 Slides, which reminds me a lot of Apple’s Keynote. One of the tools, SlideRocket offers collaborative features, but to get good functionality you’ll need to spring for the Pro or Enterprise plan. If collaboration is an important feature for your presentation software, then check outGoogle Docs or Zoho Show.

None of these tools are truly as powerful as PowerPoint, or Keynote, for that matter. They don’t have the animation or transition features that many people like to use in their presentations. Come to think of it, maybe there’s a reason for that, seeing that many presenters how are going away from complicated animation in their presentations. Give these tools a look if you’re interested in trying a new presentation tool.