I’m pleased to announce that my latest book, iPad in One Hour for Lawyers, has finally been published by the ABA. The “One Hour” series from the ABA’s Law Practice Management Section has traditionally focused on software; this is the first One Hour book on a hardware device. The book is designed for lawyers who are interested in purchasing an iPad and learning (in an hour or two) how to set it up and start using it. The book also contains recommendations on getting started with apps that help lawyers be more productive on the iPad. So it’s not just for beginners, but also for those who are just getting started with exploring how an iPad can help lawyers be productive in their practice. It’s also a great resource for anyone who wants to learn how to set up and use their iPad, as long as they ignore the last chapter, which focuses on legal-specific apps. I also wanted to start providing lawyers and others with regular tips, tricks, and reviews of iPad apps. So I’ve started a new blog, which I’m calling iPad 4 Lawyers – you can find it at http://www.tommighell.com/ipad. I’m just starting out, so there’s just a post or two – but subscribe to the site, or keeping coming back – I’ll be posting a lot more soon!