Hi, my name is Tom Mighell – it’s pronounced “Mile,” for those of you won’t don’t know me. Four years ago, after blogging at Inter Alia more or less regularly for 14 years, I wrote what I thought would be my last blog post. I was burned out, as so many of my fellow early law bloggers had become by that point. At the time the appeal of social media was strong; reducing your thoughts to 140 characters seemed so easy when compared to the task of regular writing.

Fast forward 4 years, and I am amazed at how much I really missed writing on a regular basis.  So, I’m back again – this time as part of the fabulous LexBlog network. But this is not a simple return to the same old Inter Alia. Here you’ll find no more “Blawg of the Day.” The Internet Legal Research Weekly (eventually renamed The Mighell Marker) is also a thing of the past.

The biggest change will be the focus of this blog. In the ten years since I’ve been working in the information governance industry with Contoural, I just don’t have the same connections to legal technology I once enjoyed. No question, I still keep up with the industry – including returning to serve as Co-Chair of ABA TECHSHOW in 2018 – but there are far better legal technology writers/bloggers these days.

Instead, I want to focus my writing on something you don’t see a lot of in legal blogging: consumer technology for lawyers. I want to talk about phones, and tablets, and collaboration tools, and password managers, and all of the terrific non-law-based technologies that also help lawyers provide great service to their clients.

In addition to regular blog posts, I’ll also be publishing a weekly newsletter with all of the other interesting technology stories I discover during the week, but don’t have time to write about. Appropriately enough, I’m calling it The Extra Mighell – look for the first issue Friday, April 10, and subscribe if you like it!

That’s enough about me – let’s get started, shall we?