How often do you check to see if you have spyware residing on your computer? I check once a month, and so far I’ve been pretty lucky — most of the spyware found is limited to tracking cookies we all pick up at various websites. But Earthlink, which has started a free scanning service

A new Internet worm was released this past weekend, and it’s infecting computers at a fast and furious rate. The Sasser worm does notrequire e-mail or user interaction to infect your PC — all it needs is an unprotected Internet connection. So if you’re running Windows 2000 or XP, make sure you have your

The number of phishing scams has increased exponentially over the past six months, rising from 279 to 215,643. The reason for this has to be (in part, anyway), that many of these scams are successful. If Internet users stop taking the bait, the phisher-people will have to find another place to throw their lines.

The Beagle virus I have mentioned here several times in the past few months is constantly mutating. Now it’s using new tactics to trick computer users into becoming infected. Don’t be fooled; regularly update your antivirus definitions.