Spam is now a part of our daily existence. Fortunately, filters have emerged that can cut out the junk, and greatly reduce the crush of mail that invades our inboxes every day. Unfortunately, some of the filters being used are too strong, and the result is that valid e-mails are being deleted without our

Today Google announces the launching of GMail, the search engine’s venture into the world of Web e-mail. With a gigabyte of online storage, GMail is designed so that you never have to delete another e-mail, and you’ll be able to easily search them. Check out Danny Sullivan’sreview of the new service.

There are

It has happened to all of us — we dash off an e-mail in haste or in anger, pressing the Send button before we really had time to think about the consequences of our actions. How many e-mails have you received (or sent) that were mailed prematurely?

Well, you don’t have to worry about that

In the battle against spam, every time the anti-spam industry comes up with a new way to beat junk mail, the spammers figure out another way to get past spam filters. Spam War demonstrates some of the new ways spam is finding its way to your inbox.

The spam problem continues to worsen, and it looks like it’s going to get worse before it gets better. PC World presents the 2003 Spam Awards, with the top spam trends, tricks, and tips that have surfaced in the past year.

Here’s proof that the spam problem is not getting any better — Congress