Oklahoma’s governor signed an anti-spam law this week, making it illegal “to put false or misleading information in the subject line or to use a third party’s Internet address or domain name without their consent for the purpose of making it look like the e-mail came from a third party.”

Back in August I mentioned a new anti-spam tool called Habeas. This utility places a trademarked haiku poem into an e-mail header, which allows the e-mail to pass through spam filters unmolested. This week, Habeas filed suit against five entities that allegedly used the trademarked poem without permission. CNet has more on the lawsuits.

Yesterday I mentioned MailBlocks, a service that promises to rid your Inbox of spam. However, according to this article from LawMeme, MailBlocks requires you to “opt in” to the Service by providing certain personal information during the registration process — if you don’t opt in, you can’t use the service. This information is then

A new start-up company wants to permanently end spam, and has a new program called MailBlocks. When the software intercepts an e-mail from an unknown source, it sends an e-mail to the sender with an image and a form to fill out. When the sender views the image and fills out the form (proving