Have you been to the Drudge Report? It’s not much to see; just a collection of links to breaking news stories and news sources around the world. Would it surprise you to know that Matt Drudge, the owner of the site, pulls down a mere $822,000 a year? That’s some serious cash for what he’s doing.

What’s interesting about the article I linked to above is that the author has a list of Drudge’s formula for success (pay attention here):

  • Offload the Work — Instead of paying reporters to ferret out stories, Drudge gets the news through his network of sources.
  • Aggregate, Don’t Duplicate — When Drudge gets wind of breaking news, he doesn’t bother trying to report the story. Instead he just points his readers to other news sources that already have the story, whether it’s an obscure Norwegian paper or the New York Times.
  • Zero Bureaucracy Means Great Speed — Drudge can post breaking news in the time it takes to type a headline into an HTML file. There’s no anchor to put in the makeup chair or layers of editors who need to vet a story before it goes live.
  • Don’t Discuss Business — Drudge never explains how he stays on top of the news 24 hours a day. This builds mystique and creates buzz, which translates into traffic. The result: millions of readers and not a penny spent to advertise the website.

Now, I ask you: doesn’t that sound like a model for a successful weblog?