New weblogs just keep on a’comin… first up is NetLawTools, a brand new weblog from lawyer and Net guru Jerry Lawson, whose website of the same namehas been around for some time.Jerry pointed me to a new tax law blog, Tax and Business Law Commentary, authored by Maryland tax attorney Stuart Levine. (I love topic-specific blawgs; I can hardly understand anything I read there!). Another new single-issue weblog is Harlan’s IP Law Blog, by Michigan IP associate James Harlan, Jr.

And if you’re looking for the “many ravings of a Cherokee squaw hillbilly attorney,” check out Res Ipsa Loquitur, featuring commentary on, well, just about anything, by an attorney who will only identify herself as Rita.

Finally, a non-lawyer weblog, but it definitely deserves a mention. The Political State Report offers state-level political reports “straight from the trenches,” featuring volunteers from each state as reporters and contributors. This is a terrific way of finding grass-roots state political information. (Via TalkLeft)