If you have read this blog and/or have a pulse, you know how much I love Dropbox as an online file storage and syncing tool. But the free version of Dropbox only offers 2GB of storage – what if you want to store more files online? Well then, check out these 4 Best Sites to Get 10GB Free Online Backup and Storage. The author mentions four great sites, including:

  • Windows Live Skydrive, which offers a whopping 25GB of free storage
  • IDrive gives you 2GB at first, but will bump up your account with 10GB more if you refer the service to your friends.
  • Humyo[/url], which was recently acquired by Trend Micro, offers 10GB of “free forever” storage
  • Binfire is a service I don’t know much about – it’s branded as a project management site, but with 10GB of online storage.

None of these products have the syncing abilities that I love so much in Dropbox, but the size limits are definitely impressive – give them a look.