All right, I’m a bit behind on talking about this, but there’s a reason for it.  As I was planning for a vacation last month, I decided to throw restaurant ideas into an Evernote folder, so I could come back later and make a decision.   It turns out there were too many good choices to make a decision, so I decided I need the help of my fellow travelers.  Fortunately, with Evernote that was a breeze – I could just share that folder with my family members, so they could access the restaurant information and help me make a decision.  We took the vacation last week, and I have to say that our collaborative decisionmaking on the restaurants was a complete success.

But in the course of sharing that folder, I learned that Evernote has made it even easier to share a folder with friends – your Facebook friends, to be more specific.  When you log into Evernote, just go to Settings, then Connected Services.  You can then connect Evernote to your Facebook account.  Next time you want to share a notebook, you’ll have a new option:  Post to Facebook.  Anyone who has access to your wall will now be able to access your folder and see what you’re sharing.  It’s a great way to share stuff without moving it to another place – give it a try!