When we moved to our new house last November, I decided to get a new router to replace the old one.  I’ve had some issues with it over the past 6 months, so I thought I would cover a few troubleshooting tips for dealing with wireless problems.  Today, the first two.

Problem:  you connect the new router and follow the instructions that came with it for setting it up.  But you’re still not able to connect to the Internet with it.  What gives?

Answer:  It’s possible that your broadband modem is still hanging onto the settings from your old router.  So let’s make sure that it’s call cleaned out.  First, unplug everything:  unplug the cables from your DSL or Cable modem, as well as all the cables from the new router.  Leave it all disconnected for at least 30 seconds.  Next, re-connect the DSL or cable connection to your modem, and make sure the Internet light is on.  Then, attach all the cables back to your router, and turn it on.  If you still can’t connect, then repeat the router setup instructions again – at least you will have reset the broadband modem.

Problem:  if you use a cable modem, or Verizon Fios, you may notice that your connection drops from time to time.

Answer:  This is apparently a common problem with cable internet connections, and is caused by a degraded signal coming into the cable modem.  It may be because your cable wiring uses a splitter – one cable connecting to your television, and the other to your cable modem.  Check and see what kind of splitter you have – if it’s -7db (which you can find printed on the outside of the splitter), try replacing it with a -3.5db splitter.  This might help to decrease the signal loss.  Also, look at whether you have a three splitter – if you don’t need the third connection, then replace with the two-way splitter.

Problem:  You forgot the password to your router.  Help!  (this has happened to me once or twice, I’ll admit)

Answer:  you’re going to have to reset your router back to factory settings.  There should be a button on the back labeled Reset.  With the router still plugged in, press and hold the Reset button until the LED lights blink – the time for this to happen will vary depending on the router you’re using.  Once it’s set back to the default settings, you can log in with the default username and password.  You may need to reconfigure the router…but your router may already come with a way to save your configuration settings, so check to see if your router has that function.