When we moved to our new house last November, I decided to get a new router to replace the old one.  I’ve had some issues with it over the past 6 months, so I thought I would cover a few troubleshooting tips for dealing with wireless problems.  Today, the first two.

Problem:  you connect

A few weeks ago I started a series on spring-cleaning your computer, even though it’s summer.  This week, let’s take a look at your computer itself, and your monitor(s).

One of the worst things that can get into your computer chassis is dust – it acts like insulation inside the box, and traps all

Here are a few more Word and Excel tips – all of these are for Office 2010 users:

  • Documents with Multiple Orientations:  You might occasionally find the need to have two different orientations in the same document – most pages portrait, but a few pages in landscape view.  Unfortunately, you can’t just change the

I have Microsoft Outlook installed on my home computer, but I only use the Gmail interface – I have made the choice not to use Outlook at home (I use it quite a bit for work).  Unfortunately, though, my computer still thinks Outlook is my default email provider, and so when I click on an

Sitting here in Dallas, the temperature pushing over the 100-degree mark for what seems like the umpteenth day in a row, I remember back to the days of Spring (which lasts about 4 weeks in Dallas), when the temperatures were cool and new beginning were imaginable.  It’s also the time when people start to clean

For this week’s Help Desk session, I wanted to cover a few Word tips that I’ve come across the past few months, and some that I’ve been using myself (Note:  some of these tips will only work with Word 2010).

  •  You probably already know that if you double click in a Word document

Have you ever tinkered with your Windows taskbar or the Start Menu? You can, you know. Here’s a tip you may not know about: by default, Windows XP places taskbar buttons for different instances of the same program (multiple browser windows, for example) next to each other. When the toolbar gets too full, these buttons

Have you ever tried to send an attachment to someone, only to have that person tell you that the only thing attached to the e-mail was a file called Win.dat? This usually happens because you are trying to send your e-mail through Outlook’s Rich Text Format, which some e-mail systems don’t support. To make sure

Here’s another tip for Outlook users: how to start Outlook in the folder of your choice. By default, Outlook will start up in the “Outlook Today” screen, but you can change this, if you want to start with your Inbox, Calendar, or Tasks.

  1. Just click on the Tools menu and select Options.
  2. Click on