You’re writing a brief, or a letter, or an article, and suddenly you’ve lost the word you want to use.  It’s right there on the tip of your brain, but you just can’t remember it.  Or maybe you’re using the same word over and over, and want something new.  This is where phraseup* comes in

I’ve always loved URL-shortening site for its ability to not only shorten long URLs, but also to track how many people click on those shortened links. Now it offers a great service that is really useful when you need to share a bunch of links.

Let’s say your firm’s managing partner asks for recommendations

Google continues to offer some pretty terrific technology tools, many of which are useful to lawyers: Gmail, Google Docs, Google Maps, and Google Translate or only a few of the great tools that lawyers can use in their practice. It can be someone daunting, however, trying to keep up with all of the new stuff

Do you need to create a diagram or flowchart but don’t have Microsoft Visio? Visio is a strong diagramming tool, but if you don’t have MS Office, or didn’t pony up for the version with Visio, you won’t have access to it. Instead, check out MeeSoft’s Diagram Designer. It’s a dead simple way to