In recent posts I have mentioned A9 and changes to Ask Jeeves, allowing users to save or otherwise personalize their search results. Now Yahoo gets into the act with My Yahoo! Search. The results pages allow you to save sites (with or without notes), share them, or block them from your computer. As

Where do they come up with these names? Clusty is a new metasearch tool from the folks at Vivisimo, and it looks a lot like its parental unit. In fact, it works a lot like Vivismo, but has additional tabs that allow you to quickly change your search to news, images, shopping, encyclopedia, or

Ask Jeeves has unveiled some new and interesting features this week. First is the ability to save specific search results to an online folder, which will hold 1,000 search listings (more if you register, for free). You can also organize, annotate, and share the sites you save.

9/29 Update: Gary Price has a lengthy 

Awhile back I mentioned that I liked Yahoo’s local search better than the service being offered by Google. Well, Google must have heard something, because it has improved the interface of its search results. The maps are now being displayed on the search results page, and it’s a cleaner interface. The results seem to