It’s almost as if this were a major presidential election story, with all the press it got yesterday: Google has launched a desktop search tool. Once you set up the software download, it indexes your computer for certain types of files, including e-mail, .TXT, HTML, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents, AOL instant messages, and

If you have switched from IE to FireFox, or even if you just use FireFox as an occasional browser, you might want to check out Portable Firefox. It’s a smaller, more portable version of FireFox that is stored on your USB thumb drive, and you can then install a fully functional version of

There has been a lot of fuss lately over whether, for security reasons, we should all dump our copies of Internet Explorer in favor of Mozilla’s FireFox product. In fact, the Executive Editor over at CNet has officially dumped Internet Explorer. But I tend to agree with the story (also from CNet) Planning to

If you use AI RoboForm to manage your passwords and personal information, you know how valuable it is. Now you can use RoboForm on any computer, if you own a Flash drive or other portable media storage device. Just download Portable RoboForm to your device, and whenever you plug it into a computer it starts

If you aren’t paying attention to your metadata you should be. Workshare, the company that sells the DeltaView product, is sponsoring, the “definitive source for content security.” You’ll find lots of good resources here, from learning about metadata to safe removal of metadata from your documents.

Not surprisingly, this site was introduced