Tired of Internet Explorer hogging all your PC’s resources? Looking for something lean, mean, with lots of great features? Check out Mozilla’sFirefox, which really is a great product. It comes complete with a pop-up blocker, tabbed viewing, a form filler, download manager, and much more.

But don’t just take my word for it

Have you downloaded the new search utility Grokker? If you have, take advantage of the Google plug-in, which allows you to query and retrieve information from Google and visualize the results in a Grokker map. I couldn’t find it on the Grokker plugins page (head to theGrokker home page and click on

A few years ago RocketInfo used to be one of the only news search tools in town, until the company decided to concentrate on pursuing the corporate news search market. Since last year, RocketInfo has been back, offering products on a number of platforms. One tool that I have not tried is the RocketInfo Desktop,