Here’s Resolutions #5 and #6 of PC World’s Top 10 Resolutions for your PC:

  1. Browse without a trace — there’s not much you can (or should, probably) do to avoid being monitored while you’re at work. If you try an end run around your company’s Internet use policy, you might wind up in more trouble than if you surfed the Internet all day in plain sight.  When you’re at home, however, you should do all you can to keep prying eyes from knowing your surfing habits. Learn how to manage the “cookies” that websites place on your PC, and check out software like Cookie Crusher.
  2. Say No to Sneaky Ads — unfortunately, some websites want to install programs (sometimes called “spyware”) on your PC that monitor your surfing and shopping habits. The article urges you to check out Ad-Aware, a great free utility for removing Adware, and I couldn’t agree more. A word of caution: Adware hasn’t been updated in a few months (Version 6 is promised mid-January), so it might not catch any new spyware that came out since October.

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