There’s an article in PC World this week on the Top 10 Resolutions for Your PC. If you want to read the whole article, head to the link above, but I thought I would comment on a few of the resolutions, with ideas for improving your computing experience:

  1. Banish Junk from Your Hard Drive — as the article indicates, one of the best ways to keep your PC running smoothly is to regularly remove useless clutter from your hard drive. Of course this means regularly emptying your Recycle Bin, but it can mean a lot more. In addition to the great tips offered in the article, I also use Norton’s CleanSweep to remove files from my computer — it does a great job of deleting temporary files as well as whole programs. I also use Window Washer, which is terrific for removing Temporary Internet Files, cookies, and all the junk your browser can accumulate.
  2. Give your PC a jump start — in other words, defrag. Windows Defrag utility isn’t especially powerful, so give the tools mentioned in the article a try, or get Norton’s SystemWorks for its Speed Disk Feature.
More resolutions tomorrow!