And on the last day of 2002, tips #9 and #10 from PC World’s 10 Top Resolutions for Your PC:

  1. Stay on Top of Fraud — the PC World Article mentions CardCops, a site I mentioned a few months ago. There you can check to see if your credit card is being used by anyone on the Internet. But don’t stop there. Only shop from online businesses you trust, and be very careful about giving out your personal information on the Web. Be wary of e- mails you receive from people you don’t know, especially Nigerians who claim to have untold riches stashed away in foreign bank accounts.
  2. Break Free of Entanglements — and Bad Posture — I hate to look underneath my desk. It’s a maze of tangled wires and cables. Read this article on Taming your Cables for eight ways to bring order to your PC universe. PC World also has an article on Essential Ergonomics, to make your workspace as comfortable as possible.