I’ve always loved URL-shortening site bit.ly for its ability to not only shorten long URLs, but also to track how many people click on those shortened links. Now it offers a great service that is really useful when you need to share a bunch of links.

Let’s say your firm’s managing partner asks for recommendations for the Partner Dinner. Or your spouse/significant other wants you to give suggestions for a hotel on your upcoming vacation. Rather than send an email with all the links in them, check out bit.ly bundles. They’re collections of links you can add, remove and rearrange.

You have to have a bit.ly account to do this, but once you’ve registered, it’s pretty easy to create a bundle. Just enter the URLs of all the sites you want to include, and click Add to Bundle after each. Give your bundle a name, and you’re done! You can add comments under each link, if you want to provide a little more background on the links you’re providing. To the right of your bundle you’ll find “stats” for your bundle, including a short link to it and privacy settings. Here’s a bundle I created on Online Storage and Syncing Services – it’s just three sites, but you’ll get the idea.

This is an easy way to share large numbers of links with other people – you can even subscribe to the list by email or RSS.