For this week’s Help Desk session, I wanted to cover a few Word tips that I’ve come across the past few months, and some that I’ve been using myself (Note:  some of these tips will only work with Word 2010).

  •  You probably already know that if you double click in a Word document you  can select a single word, and that triple-clicking selects a whole paragraph.  But did you know that if you just want to highlight a single sentence, you just press CTRL and click on any word.  If you want to select a entire table, just press ALT and double-click on the table.
  • How often do you use Word’s built-in Thesaurus?  It has helped me on more than one occasion.  There are two ways to use it:  1) highlight the word and press SHIFT+F7, or make sure the cursor is somewhere inside the word, then right-click and select Synonyms.
  • There are a number of ways to insert images into your Word docs, but here’s a great, quick way to insert a screenshot:  just use the PRINT SCREEN to grab the image, then go to Insert->Illustrations->Screenshot.
  • I don’t know how often I’ll use this tip, but it’s awesome – you can select text horizontally by just dragging your mouse over it.  But you can also select text vertically by pressing ALT  and dragging over the text you want to select.