Here are a few more Word and Excel tips – all of these are for Office 2010 users:

  • Documents with Multiple Orientations:  You might occasionally find the need to have two different orientations in the same document – most pages portrait, but a few pages in landscape view.  Unfortunately, you can’t just change the orientation of the current page – clicking on the button will change the orientation for all pages.  You’ll need a Section Break to do that.  Go to the Page Layout tab, choose Breaks, and under Section Breaks select New Page.  Next, move the insertion point to the end of the text you want to format in landscape mode, and repeat the above steps.  Finally, put the insertion points anywhere between the two breaks, and go back to the Page Layout tab.  Click the down-arrow at the lower right of the Page Setup group.  In the dialog box that pops up, select Landscape orientation on the Margins tab, then click on the Apply To dropdown and select This Section.
  • Getting Rid of Horizontal Lines:  You’re typing along, and you want to insert a series of dashes or hyphens – and all of a sudden Word inserts a horizontal line across the whole page, and it’s really tough to delete.  What has happened is that Word has placed a border at the bottom of the current paragraph.  To get rid of it, click inside the paragraph, then go to the Home tab and click on the Borders icon, a the lower right of the Paragraph group.  Click the pull-down arrow and select No Border, and voila!  The border’s gone.  To make sure it never happens again, go to File–>Options–>AutoCorrect Options, and choose the AutoFormat as You Type tab.  In the section Apply as You Type, uncheck the box next to Border Lines.