Back in December 2010, I mentioned a few services that would you or others to send files to your Dropbox files, without actually having access to Dropbox.  Since that time, a couple of other services have come out that I thought were worth mentioning – several times in the past few months I have asked people to send me large files, and because they did not also use Dropbox we had to find another way to easily share the file.  Services like the ones below make it a cinch for those Dropbox-less people in your life to share things with you.

FileStork – this site is great when you have an ongoing need to give someone, or a group of people, access to your Dropbox files.  With FileStork you can create a One-Time Request, or a Stand-Alone Request that creates a persistent upload form.












You fill out the form – enter the email addresses for the people who will be getting the request, any personalized message you want to send, and the name of the folder in Dropbox to which the files will be sent.  You can also specify the types of files that can be uploaded into that folder, to prevent files that might contain malware from being placed into Dropbox.  Once you click Create Request, an email is sent to the recipient(s), which gives them an opportunity to upload files:









The user can then click Upload to send one or more files to the recipient’sDropbox account.










Once you click Send, the files are placed into the folder you specified in the original request.

Send To Dropbox – this is an even easier way to get documents into Dropbox.  Just connect your Dropbox account to this service, and you’ll get an email address.  People with the email address can then email folders to your Dropbox account.













Do you use any other service that connects to your Dropbox account?  Mention your favorites in the Comments!