My regular readers will know that for years, my blog has gone neglected.  When I started my blog back in 2002, the blog platform, pMachine (which is now known as Expression Engine) was the top-of-the-line in blogging products.  As the platform got older, I kept putting off updating my site, delaying the inevitable.  When

I’m throwing in the towel against comment spam. As of now, comments will be shut down on all archived posts. Because I think comments are an important part of developing a dialogue, however, I plan on holding a “comment period” of one week for all new posts, at which point I’ll disable the comments. So

Folks, I may have to turn off the Comments feature sometime in the near future — the comment spammers have found me, and I’m getting deluged with ads for diet drugs and poker tournaments. I’ll hold off a few days more and see if it eases up, but if you can’t comment on a future

That’s how I feel, anyway, without an internet connection at home. Posting will be delayed until I can get it fixed — tomorrow, hopefully.

I’ll be spending a few days on Cape Cod, and I won’t be back until next Monday. Enjoy a few “Blawgs of the Day” while I’m gone — see you next Tuesday!

I’m having some minor surgery today, so posting may be light for a few days, depending on how soon I’m up and about. See you next week!