I have no idea who MrSapo is, but he/she/they have an interesting search interface. As Tara Calishain puts it, it’s not exactly a meta-search engine — more like a “meta-interface” site. But it’s pretty cool — you can run your search on multiple engines all in the same window. You can even run different

I have mentioned PubSub several times over the past year — it is a terrific way to keep up with information on the Internet, without having to constantly check resources day after day. Once you set PubSub to monitor your keyword searches for you, all you have to do is wait for the results to

Sometimes an important part of getting to the right source on the Internet is knowing the exact URL. Once you understand how URLs work, you can often find information that did not appear to be immediately available. The folks at Eipert Information Services have a two-part series on URLs that you should definitely check out:

After what seems like years of tweaking and refining, Microsoft finally released a beta version of its search tool, which now relies on its own Web crawlers to provide the over 5 billion pages it indexes. The interface is much cleaner (a la Google), and there are some interesting new features:

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