I have mentioned PubSub several times over the past year — it is a terrific way to keep up with information on the Internet, without having to constantly check resources day after day. Once you set PubSub to monitor your keyword searches for you, all you have to do is wait for the results to

Sometimes an important part of getting to the right source on the Internet is knowing the exact URL. Once you understand how URLs work, you can often find information that did not appear to be immediately available. The folks at Eipert Information Services have a two-part series on URLs that you should definitely check out:

There’s an article over at vnunet that addresses a real danger of the Internet age: that search engines make us dumb. The author states that

Search engines are dangerous because they limit our ability to discover.”

How true. Many Internet search gurus have begun to describe research via search engine as “passive

If you haven’t used Google News yet, what are you waiting for? On the home page you can get the most recent headlines in various categories, and a link under each headline to a number of “related articles.” There’s another way to do this:

  1. When you find an article that’s right on point, copy the