Here’s a tip for Outlook users on editing e-mail messages you receive. Just open an e-mail, select the Edit menu, and choose “Edit Message.” Once you have edited the message, select “Save” from the File menu, and you’re done.

Want to archive your Outlook or Outlook Express files so they don’t clog up your e-mail program? It’s really a snap. Just create an empty folder on your computer, or within your CD-R drive — name it whatever you want. Then navigate to the e-mails you want to archive. If you want to archive selected

I wish MS Word were more intuitive in detecting when I’m typing a foreign word — it’s pretty good with some words, but usually it doesn’t add the required character. Here are a few shortcuts to get the foreign characters you need:

Ctrl+’+letter = acute accent
Ctrl+`+letter = grave accent
Ctrl+Shift+~+letter = puts a tilde

From time to time, I mention helpful keyboard shortcuts for Word, Internet Explorer and other applications. Remembering all those shortcuts is tough! Here’s how you can remind yourself of those shortcuts in Microsoft Word:

  • Select Tools, then Customize, then the Options tab. Check the “Show Shortcut Keys in Screen Tips” box. Now when

If you have Windows XP installed on your computer, you may know that it loads all kinds of things you don’t need when it starts up. How do you get rid of these services? Here’s one way: select Start, then Run, then type services.msc, and press Enter. Click on the Extended tab to see

If you read the newsletter, you have no doubt seen my “Help Desk” feature, where I offer tips on using your computer. I have so many tips to share with you, I won’t possibly get around to mentioning them all. So today I’m debuting “Tip of the Day” — hopefully you’ll find it helpful!